MenlaScan & Blood Analysis

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$149 - 1 hour

Spend an entire hour with an experienced holistic doctor, Dr Christopher Allison DOM. Ap., with over 40 years in practice. His expertise will simplify the sometimes complicated world of eastern and western medicine. With years of experience and knowledge to put you on the right track.

Please remember to bring in anything you would like him to go over such as lab results, medications and supplements. Full report emailed after the visit.

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What is analyzed during the visit?

We believe everyone deserves a holistic, individualized and patient-centric healthcare.

The Menla Scan is an efficient, non-invasive assessment and monitoring tool that provides a functional assessment of lifestyle, health risk factors, and monitoring care protocols. MenlaScan System is based on 4 scientifically validated technologies combined in one system. Results are instantly calculated and put into scores, colorful scales and graphs with beautiful 3d representation making for a personalized action plan. Scientifically substantiated and used worldwide by MDs, physiotherapists, personal trainers, osteopaths, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, sports doctors, functional, and more.

Immediate results. Personalized Wellness Plan. This in-depth whole body scan offers a vivid view of your overall health.

We can also talk about in depth labs for thyroid, bio-identical hormones, anti-aging, medical toxicity, food allergies, adrenal issues and much more.

Watch a detailed review from Dr Chris himself.